Harrison & Tony after set-up - photo by Joan.   
Washington Park, Albany, NY -  Earth Day & Bike Parade 2016.
Sunday, April 17th, 2016
{Maiden Outdoor Voyage of our "new" kiosk - thanks to Ed Ostberg, Design Function, Queensbury, NY} 
A close-up peek @ our (in fact) new GRFX, also found in our literature & on this website:  
Some additional pictures from our vast gallery
Biking at The Hub - cafe/restaurant (+ ice cream/gelato/sorbet), lounge, beer & wine bar & bike repair* @ 27 Market St., Brant Lake, NY 12815 (518) 494-4822, open 11:30 AM - 10:00 PM 
* repairs Mondays, Wednesdays & Friday 12:00 - 6:00
 Ride &/or visit our booth @ Churney Gurney, Sunday August 7th, 2016 -  Gurney Lane Recreation Area, 18 Gurney Lane, Queensbury, NY 12804 - fun 4 the whole family!
Yet even more "Family Fun" on our nearby Bike Path (almost NO vehicular traffic!) - Glens Falls to Southern edge of Lake George & its beach, steamboat rides & many, many more attractions!
 Some of "Our Gang" on a Group Ride. . .@ Lake George &
@ Bike Path 
For those with other interests, there's a LOT of History found in Warren County (& surrounding counties). . .in & around Glens Falls, Lake George, & many other "surprising" locales!  Visit our old canal systems (on The Feeder Canal Bike Path), Civil & Revolutionary War forts, battlefields & artifacts, several museums, The Underground Railroad "ties", & even our graveyards!
And if it's bicycles & their historical significance, we even have a very famous racer from yesteryear buried just a few blocks off the Bike Path!  Ever heard of Harry D. Elkes?
Front & rear "shot" of his HUGE gravestone, right at the edge of Glens Falls, a few steps off Bay Road. . .
 We even sponsored a Group Ride in his honor - Saturday, September 24th, 2015!
Sometimes, one {1} wheel is MORE than enough!
The Bike Path, even in Winter, would probably be safe. . .the Adirondack High Peaks?. . .not so much!
& if you Really consider yourself a "Retro Rider", well. . .I have a Penny-farthing as well!
One can often find a "Retired Clown" or three around town. . .
 Why not join us?
5th Annual Adirondack Day in "The Well" of Legislative Office Building @ Empire State Plaza, Albany, May 1st, 2017 -
Sponsor, Betty Little with Lloyd Mott, WCSQBO Chair, Joan Jenkin Secretary & Tony Krivitski PR Chair for BOD:
 Jim Tedisco stops by to say hello:
Wonder what they're planning?

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